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Hi! I'm Amy and for most of my working life I have been involved in the creative industry. After initially bouncing around sectors figuring things out, in 2013 I pursued studies in Production Design and dabbled in Costume Design. This led to work in set dressing, props, buying, styling, and art directing projects from short films to music videos to commercials. I really love creating a “look” to encapsulate messages, emotions, characters for projects; using props, people, wardrobe, lighting etc, and have a very hands-on and personable approach to making sure the desired outcomes are achieved.

the drive

rent·a·swag was an idea that came to me in 2019 after I noticed more and more the amount of outfits that only get worn once or twice ever for an occasion, and then either get left in the wardrobe or popped on the charity shop pile. I have been guilty of making impulse purchases like that over the years; there was nothing wrong with the garment at all for it to be worn more times. I was finding myself spending a lot of money on outfits that were either unworn, or worn once or twice. My wardrobe space was also rapidly running out and I was regularly filling charity bags.

So, with a lot of hard work, planning, and prepping, and a pandemic; in Sept 2021, rent·a·swag was - finally - officially launched.

Whilst clothes rental is not a new initiative, I completely feel that now more than ever, there needs to be a shift in culture around how we consume fashion. The notion of dress rental is re-emerging; I feel very passionate about the ethos of circular fashion and being part of the change towards a more sustainable lifestyle. I want to be involved in growing this culture even more, and making dress rental accessible to everyone.

Our fashion consumption is causing a waste problem in the UK and other countries. You can read more about the effects of “fast fashion” in this UK Parliament Publication.

The 2021 IPCC climate report highlights.

the idea

rent·a·swag is a carefully curated, eclectic selection of vintage and preloved modern frocks for hire. I personally handpick each garment as I always try to look for unique styling and individuality. I aim to provide a more environmentally friendly, affordable and enjoyable way to pick your wardrobe and save you the clutter space.

rent·a·swag provides a beautiful and unique range of outfit choices whether you are looking for an outfit for an event, commercial shoot or simply a dopamine boost. The fashion industry is the second largest industrial polluter after aviation. This accounts for up to 10% of global pollution so finding an effective means of slowing down fast fashion will have a very positive impact on our environment. By renting clothing as a service, rent·a·swag wants to provide something that is excitingly “new to you”, whilst helping to promote circular fashion in doing so. So, a win-win situation for all.

“Our desire for fast fashion, fuelled by advertising, social media and a supply of cheap garments, means we are disposing of over a million tonnes of clothes every year in the UK. Under the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the UK is committed to ‘to ensure sustainable consumption and production’. We need to reduce the environmental footprint of the UK’s textile production and consumption. To do that, we need to reduce textile waste, improve resource efficiency and reduce the carbon emissions and water footprint of the clothes we buy. We need to simply buy less, mend, rent and share more.

— www.parliament.uk, 19 Feb 2019