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Washing and Cleaning

Please do NOT attempt to wash or spot clean any of the rented garments, regardless whether you have worn them.

Each dress has been washed by myself, in the bath at my home. Generally, I do hand wash in cold water as this is a more gentler way than a washing machine to guarantee the longevity of each piece. Each garments' fabric composition and colouring are carefully considered before I wash and clean them.

I like to use The Laundress Laundry Detergent, Stain Solution from The Laundress as well if needed, and distilled white vinegar. I really love The Laundress’s whole ethos re: sustainability and helping the environment which you can read more here.

The detergent and stain solution are made from natural ingredients, including its glorious light fragrance, so when it washes back into the waters, it does not have as harmful an impact - if any - as other detergents.

Distilled white vinegar is a natural, non-toxic cleaning ace; it kills bacteria and removes any fabric odours and some stains.

I hand squeeze and roll out any excess water and either lay flat or hang up to dry. This is a much gentler way of drying; it saves electricity, and helps preserve the quality of the dress more so than a tumble dryer.

This is a little summary for a general overview of my laundry process. If there are more stubborn stains, then I may use alternative sources to tackle them but do try to first seek out more eco-friendly resources first. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about the laundry process, and I’d be happy to help where I can!